Our Church History

As a tiny drop of rain or trickles of small streams forms to create a stream that when merged with other streams form the river that falls into the beautiful lake where the wonders of creation flourishes, like wise is the flow of Malayalees to one part of the world (Northern California) from their place of origin. Even unknown of each others origin once joined becomes an amalgamation of old and new cultures. The unit very quickly and easily adapts to its environment. One undeniable character of this body is its desire to foster its original cultures and values. Malayalee Christians are not exempt from this. We tend to seek and find friends and families of like beliefs and values. As this group grows we further form into sub groups of the larger Christian Community. Such is our history as the Mar Thoma Church of San Francisco Bay Area, formed with the union of Mar Thoma and CSI families of the Bay Area.

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Area Prayer Groups

South Bay Fremont San Francisco San Ramon Central Valley Sacramento



Hymns List Choir Audition Junior Choir Sing for joy to God our strength; shout aloud to the God of Jacob! Begin the...


Edavaka Mission

The 17th Metropolitan of the Marthoma church, Abraham Marthoma stated  “every Marthomite is a voluntary...


Praise & Worship

The Praise and Worship team primarily leads worship during the first 30 minutes on all Sundays. This team is comprised...