Choir Audition

Choir audition will be held on Sunday, March, 11th 2018 from 1:30pm to 3:30pm at the Marthoma Church of San Francisco.

  1. Members need 40% marks to pass the choir audition.
  2. Two judges from outside will be invited to judge the choir audition.
  3. Participants are required to sing two songs.
  4. The first song has to be one of the following mandatory song

O lord my God, when I in awesome wonder… Song no.147, from the Celebration Hymnal.

En Hridayam Nin”  Track 12, from Maramon Convention 2017.

  1. The second song can be a song of their choice from either Kristeeya Keerthanam or the Celebration Hymnal.
  2. Both the songs should include one chorus and a stanza or two stanzas, if there is no chorus.
  3. The choir needs additional 10 members, which should include 4 female singers and 6 male singers. If more than 10 members pass the eligibility criteria, the additional members will be placed in the waiting list.
  4. Members who wish to participate in the audition are requested to provide their names and contact information (email/phone number) in advance to the choir leaders, Mr. Shoby Cherian (Choir Leader) or Ms. Juley George (Choir Master) or Ms. Jeeva John (Choir Secretary).