Crossword Puzzle

This page is all about learning God’s word through fun activities like crosswords and other puzzles. Every month a new crossword puzzle is loaded based on the ongoing sequential progress through the Bible. A winner’s list is also published at the end of the month.


We have enhanced the look and feel of the crossword page. For the desktop version, no more clicking on each tile to enter a letter – just keep typing the answers and the crossword will fill automatically. Also, we now have the ability to “Save” an incomplete session and restore by “Loading” it later based on the Name and Env#. We will later require authentication via logging into the “My Portal” first.

We also plan to introduce more puzzles tuned to the younger generation. So visit often and send us your feedback as well.


If you want to print out the crossword page, please use the link for “Printable version” below. This will open a pdf file that is easier to view.