1. Start solving the crossword by selecting the first tile of the word you want to fill in.
  2. Continue typing letters till you reach the end of the word.
  3. The cursor will initially be set to answer the "across" clues. As you type, the letters will fill to the right. In the "down" mode, the letters will fill in the downward direction.
  4. Use the "down/right" arrow key on the keyboard or the buttons below to switch from across to down. Mobile and tablet users will find these buttons useful.
  5. When the last tile in a particular direction is reached, the mode may automatically change to the other mode.
  6. The "save" button allows you to save your session while the "load" button restores your answers and you can continue working on the puzzle at a later time.

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3.Nothing can heal the Ninevites' wound, their injury is __
6.The Assyrian King would call his troops to defend the city, but they __ on their way.
8.The Lord is a __ in times of trouble, He cares for those who trust in Him.
9.God had saved the Ninevites once through the prophet __ (150 years before Nahum) because they repented. However, their repentance had not lasted so God would put an end to Nineveh.
12.During Nahum’s time, God brought Assyrian commanders against __ the wickedest king of Judah and they put a hook in his nose, bound him with bronze shackles and took him to Babylon. 2Chro.33:10-13
13.God was against Nineveh and it was in ruins - There would be no one to mourn or __ because of their endless cruelty. "Assyrians were notorious for their cruelty that included cutting off hands, feet, ears, noses, gouging out eyes, lopping off heads, impaling bodies, and peeling the skin off living victims"
15.__ means 'the village of Nahum', Jesus moved from Nazareth to this place when he began his public ministry.
17.With an __ flood the Lord would make an end of Nineveh (History tells us that the Tigris river overflowed its banks and the waters went against the city's walls and soon Babylonians destroyed the city in 612 B.C)
19.Nineveh was the capital of __.
22.There on the mountains, the feet of one who brings the good news that no more will the wicked __ Judah. In Rom. 10:15, Paul quoted a similar verse but here the good news is gospel.
23.The Lord will __ the splendor of Jacob though the destroyers have laid them waste and have ruined their vines. Vine is a symbol of Israel. Complete fulfillment will happen in the millennium!
1.__ means comforter. His message offered comfort to Judah but his message to Nineveh sharply contrasted with his name. He prophesied about how it will fall! (650-620 B.C)
2.The same fate that happened to Egypt would befall Nineveh. They would become drunk, their fortresses would become weak like fig trees with ripe fruits shaken by the attacker, and their troops were all __ not trained for war. Basically, the city would not be defended well!
4.Like Nineveh surrounded by the Tigris River, __ was a city in Egypt surrounded by the Nile river. Nile, Cush, Put, and Libya was her defense and strength, yet Assyrians took it captive.
5.Whatever the Ninevites plot against the people of Judah God will not let it succeed. During Hezekiah's time (728 - 686 B.C.), Sennacherib laid siege to the fortified cities, but God saved them in response to the prayers of Hezekiah and __. 2Chr.32
7.Guards and officials of Nineveh are like __, they eat and leave at the first sign of trouble without caring for the city.
9.God would not let the Assyrians afflict __ anymore. He would break their yoke from His people's necks. Nahum means comforter
10.The Lord's command concerning Nineveh: "You will have no__ to bear your name"
11."From you, O Nineveh has one come forth who plots evil against the Lord and counsels wickedness? This may refer to __, King of Assyria. 2Ki.18:13 -19:37
14."An attacker(Babylon) advances against Nineveh, Guard the __, watch the road, marshall all your strength" is a taunt song
16.The Lord is a jealous and __ God. He is slow to anger, great in power, and rules over nature. The earth trembles at His presence.
18.The city of blood, full of plunder, never without victims!
20.The shields and uniforms of the soldiers who invaded Nineveh would be __.
21.Assyrian kings compared themselves to __ in their power.

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