Sunday School

Come and be a part of our Sunday School Team! You can be a teacher or a student. We can use you either way. To volunteer call Achen or our Sunday School Superintendent, Sapna Cherian (

Sunday School Registration Forms, Curriculum, VBS, and lots more at the Sunday School Activities Website

Objectives of our Sunday School

  • To help youngsters accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior
  • To encourage them into Christian Fellowship
  • To participate in the mission of the church


We encourage the children to be attend Sunday School regularly. Sunday School runs parallel to the school academic year. It is required to have 50% attendance during the academic year to participate in Sunday School competitions and exams. have eighty students in registered in our attendance.

Sunday School Special Days

Sunday School Day

Last day of the academic year for Sunday School generally observed on the second Sunday in May. Students receive prizes for competitions held in March and April. They also perform three to four programs for the parents.

Student Dedication

The Student Dedication is held on the first Sunday of the beginning of the school year. A special service will be held and children will be able to participate in different parts of the service.

World Sunday School Day

World Sunday School day is a special service held on the first Sunday of November. Similar to the Student Dedication, children are able to take an active role in different parts of the service.

Christmas Carol Service

Our children prepare and sing melodious carols in Malayalam, Hindi and English.

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