MTCSF February 2019 Crossword Puzzle

Based on Jeremiah 1-3 NIV


  1. Start solving the crossword by selecting the first tile of the word you want to fill in.
  2. Continue typing letters till you reach the end of the word.
  3. The cursor will initially be set to answer the "across" clues. As you type, the letters will fill to the right. In the "down" mode, the letters will fill in the downward direction.
  4. Use the "down/right" arrow key on the keyboard or the buttons below to switch from across to down. Mobile and tablet users will find these buttons useful.
  5. When the last tile in a particular direction is reached, the mode may automatically change to the other mode.
  6. The "save" button allows you to save your session while the "load" button restores your answers and you can continue working on the puzzle at a later time.

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1.Jeremiah's excuse for God's call was he didkn't know how to speak; he was only a child. Probably He was of age 17-20. When God calls age doesn't matter, He prepares the one who He calls. When God called __, he was young. He faithfully served his father as a shepherd, killed a lion and a bear protecting the flock, killed a giant Goliath, served king Saul and was a commander in the Israeli army.
4.God's people had killed His __ like a ravening lion
7.The first vision Isaiah saw was the branch of an __ tree. This is the first tree to bud in the spring. This indicated that God was ready to quickly fulfill His word, just as the almond tree seems ready to bud.
8.The Lord told Israelites that their dependence on __ without turning to Him, would bring disappointment and they would go forth from Judah as captives with their hands on their head.
10.One of the reform that __ did was he desecrated Topheth, which was in the valley, so no one could use it to sacrifice their children in the fire to Molech. 2 Kings 23:10
11.Israelites followed __ idols and became __ themselves.
13.Another prophet who hesitated God's call saying, "I do not know how to speak"
17.Jeremiah belonged to the tribe of __.
18.The __ had been withheld because Israel's idolatory polluted the land.
19.Before the Lord formed him in the womb the Lord set Jeremiah apart and appointed him as a prophet to the nations. Apostle __ was set apart from his mother's womb to preach the gospel to the gentiles. Gal.1:15-16
21.The Lord let the faithless Israel captured by Assyrians, yet her unfaithful sister Judah did not return to Him with all her heart, but only in pretense. Therefore the Lord said, faithless Israel is more __ than unfaithful Judah.
22.Josiah was one of the better kings of Judah. He was zealous for reform and he purified the land of idolatory. He became king when he was __ years old. 2Chron. 34:2
24.In those days, men will no longer say 'the ark of the covenant of the Lord'. At that time they will call __ the Throne of the Lord, and all nations will gather in __ to honor the Lord. Jeremiah looked forward to the day when the reality of God’s presence among men surpassed the symbol of it represented by the ark of the covenant.
28.The Lord judged His people for forsaking Him, burning incense to other gods and __ the created things than the Creator.
29.The Lord had planted Israel like a choice __ and reliable stock, but they turned into a corrupt, wild __.
30.Isaiah prophesied hundred years before the __ captivity. During his time the Northern ten tribes were taken by the king of Assyria.
31.Jeremiah said, how the Israelites can say they are not defiled when they know what they did in the __ valley, where they burned their sons and daughters in the fire to please their gods. Jer. 7:31
2.All who devoured Israelites were held guilty and __ overtook them. This was a great contrast to the judgment at the hand of Israel’s enemies that would eventually come upon an unfaithful Jerusalem.
3.The last king of Judah.
4.Jeremiah was the son of Hilkiah one of the __ at Anathoth, which was a small village about three miles from Jerusalem. Kohathites, the descendants of Levi received Anathoth from Benjamin. Judg.21:17
5.Israelites had many gods as they had __, but in trouble they couldn't save them.
6.The Lord remembered the Israelites' devotion when they were young, like a bride how they loved Him and followed Him through the desert and their holiness. He said, "What fault did your __ find in me, that they strayed so far from me?"
9.Israelites said to wood, 'You are my __' and to stone, 'you gave me birth". Wood represented Asherah, the female Canaanite deity and stone, the Baal male canaanite deity.
10.__ prophesied just before and during Babylon's three sieges of Judah [BC 605 (Daniel & friends), 597(Ezekiel and other captives), 586 destruction of Jerusalem]
12.If the faithless people return to the Lord, He would give them __ after His own heart who would lead them with knowledge and understanding, for He is merciful.
14.The Lord asked the Israelites to consider and realize how evil and __ it is for them when they forsook the Lord and have no awe of Him.
15.The Lord touched Jeremiah's mouth and said to him, He has put His words in his mouth and appointed him over nations to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to __.
16.The Lord brought Israelites into a fertile land to eat its fruits, but they __ His land.
20.The second vision Isaiah saw was a __ , tilting away from the north. This symbolized the Babylonian invasion.
23.The word of the Lord came to him during the reign of Josiah, __, and Zedekiah. In this line of succession of kings of Judah, Jehoahaz and Jehoiachin reigned for three months. 2Chron. 36:2-11
25.The Lord said that His people have committed two sins: they have forsaken the spring of __ water and have dug their own cisterns,which can not hold water.
26.The Lord had made Jeremiah like a fortified city, an iron pillar and a __ wall to stand against the whole land. They would fight against him but will not overcome him, for the Lord was with him.
27.Though in a different way, the Lord touched the mouth of __ at his call to the office of prophet.

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