April 2024

MTCSF APRIL 2024 Newsletter

From the Vicar’s Desk

Dearly beloved in Christ,

Even though the resurrection is a significant event, there are moments when it strikes me that we don’t know more details about the days, weeks, and months that immediately followed it.

The fact that we know so little about the days right after Jesus’ resurrection is astonishing. Oh, yes, we do have some great narratives that have stood the test of time: Jesus’ reinstating Peter; Thomas’s doubting; Jesus’ appearance in a locked upper room; Jesus’ cooking fish for His followers after a miraculous catch; the ascension; the day of the Pentecost; etc.

But we lack certain details. I’ve since learned to approach the subject from a different perspective. Assuming that the lack of details in the gospels is a deliberate design element that forces us to make some personal decisions.

I believe it is quite likely that the lack of details regarding life after the resurrection is an invitation to us, particularly to respond to and live out the answer to the question, “He is risen, now what?”

We are all living in the days after the Resurrection. We all live as people who believe that the Lord died, was buried, and was then raised from the dead.

“Now what?” is a valid and challenging question to respond to. And the response will be lived out, embodied, and communicated in public rather than just being spoken, thought, or recorded.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to suggest that we spend our entire lives trying to find the answer to the question “Now what?” However, we are called in our daily lives to testify to the resurrected Lord.
Additionally, you are welcome to use your entire life to find new ways and means to witness our risen Lord. Eventually, we are all “After Easter People.” It’s who we are because of whose we are. May God continue to bless you all.

In His service



  • President: Rev. Saji Thomas
  • Vice President: Tom Tharakan
  • Secretary: Maya Mathews
  • Trustee (Cash): Melvin Thomas
  • Trustee (Accounts): Riju Myladumkunnel
  • Lay Leader (Malayalam): Cherian Philip
  • Lay Leader (English): Mathew (Robin) John
  • Mandalam Member: Shaiju Varghese
  • Diocesan Member: Sincie Chacko
  • Diocesan Member: Kurien Idiculla

Organization Secretaries

  • Senior Fellowship: Nell Thomas
  • Choir: Rachel Anish
  • Sevika Sangham: Sapna Cherian
  • Sunday School: Shanu Thomas
  • Edavaka Mission: Pothen Joseph
  • Yuvajana Sakhyam: Roshan Mathews
  • Youth Fellowship: Isabel Roy

Area Prayer Group Representative

  • Central Valley – Anu Philip
  • Tri-Valley – Feby Raju
  • Fremont – Deepak Cherian
  • San Francisco – Santamma George
  • South Bay – Philip Mathew

Sub Committee Conveners

  1. Mission Board : Kurien Idiculla
  2. Building: NO CHANGE
  3. ASR: Feby Raju
  4. Parish Picnic: Roshan Mathews
  5. Maintenance: Anu Philip
  6. Retreat ( Budget allocated): Shanu Thomas
  7. Audio/Video: Deepak Cherian
  8. Web, Communication and Publicity: Rachel Thambi
  9. Medical Team : Santamma George
  10. Welcome & Hospitality: Tom Tharakan

Worship Schedule

Come join us every Sunday for Sunday School at 9am and Edavaka Mission Bible Study at 9:15am
Sunday, April 7, 2024FremontHOLY QURBANA 10 AMMalayalamCherian Philip
Sunday, April 14, 2024San Francisco & South BayHOLY QURBANA 10 AMMalayalamCherian Philip
Sunday, April 21, 2024Tri-ValleyHOLY QURBANA 10 AMEnglishMathew (Robin) John
Sunday, April 28, 2024Central ValleyHOLY QURBANA 10 AMEnglishMathew (Robin) John


Events this month

Edavaka Mission Bible Study (Every Sunday)Weekly on Sunday 9:15 am
Youth Fellowship Prayer Call (Every Tuesday – via zoom)Weekly on Tuesday 9pm
Western Region Edavaka Mission Meeting (Every Wednesday – via zoom)Weekly on Wednesday 8pm
Western Region Sevika Sanghom Meeting (1st Thursday – via zoomApril 4, 2024 8pm
Edavaka Mission Fasting Prayer at MTCSFSaturday, April 6, 2024 10am
Sunday School Easter Outreach (see details below)Saturday, April 6, 2024
Tri-Valley, San Francisco, South Bay combined prayer meeting via zoomSaturday, April 6, 2024 at 6pm
Yuvajana Sakhyam – AI Shaping a Future We can all Thrive In aSaturday, April 13, 2024
Fremont Area Prayer Meeting at Susha & Kurian Varghese’s residenceSaturday, April 13, 2024 at 6pm
Prarthana KoottaymaSaturday, April 20, 2024 6-8pm
Sevika Sanghom Sandwich making for Homeless after ASR (3rd Sunday)Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sevika Sanghom Cottage Prayer (via zoom)Saturday, April 27, 2024 – 11am
Central valley Area Prayer at Tom and Juli Tharakan home in MantecaSaturday, April 27, 2024 6pm
Sevika Sanghom Intercessory Prayer after ASR (4th Saturday)Sunday, April 28, 2024

Recap from March 2024

March was a busy month at our parish. We hosted the Western Region Sevika Sanghom conference here after thirteen years. It was a blessing to all who attended to learn about the theme ‘Anchored in Hope’ based on Hebrews 6:19 through Susan Saji Kochamma’s messages and discussions facilitated by Subin Achen. Jinu Achen gave a thoughtful devotion exhorting us to know where our hope is anchored; only in Jesus.

We had our General Body meeting on March 10th for (1) to approve the annual report for 2024, (2) approve the accounts for 2024, and (3)  pass the budget for 2024. The minutes of the meeting were submitted and approved by the Dicocesan Bishop.

Passion Week services were a blessing to all those who attended both virtually and in person. Sevika Sanghom treated us with ASR (after service refreshments) – appams on Maundy Thursday, Kanji and Payar on Good Friday. Easter service was attended by around 200 people. The ASR of appam and curry facilitated loving fellowship. May the Lord enable us to put the messages we heard this week through Susan Kochamma, Tom Tharakan, Roshney Pratheep, Josie Varghese, Rev. M. P. Yohannan, and Rev. Saji Thomas to practice in our lives and strengthen us to do his mission in the world. We would like to thank all those who made the passion week services a source of comfort and fellowship for our parishioners. Special thanks to Rev. M.P. Yohannan who presided over the Good Friday and Easter worship services.


WRSSS Conference Photo Gallery

2023 Crossword Puzzle winners with
Susan John – puzzle creator

March – April 2024 Publications

Mission Activities this Summer

This summer there are a number of mission trips and VBS camps that can be supported by high school to young working adults who are interested in joining the church on their mission activities in various areas. Here is the list of VBS camps in North America:

  • * Love in Action Ministry – Camp Israel Folsom (Broken Bow, Oklahoma): April 12 – 14
  • * Oklahoma (Choctaw) VBS Camp: June 2 – 5
  • * Louisiana (Houma) VBS Camp: June 6 – June 10
  • * Alabama (Choctaw) VBS Camp: June 12 – 15
  • * Utah (Navajo) VBS Camp: July 14 – 17
  • * New Mexico (Navajo) VBS Camp: July 18 – 21
  • More details in flier
  • In addition to the above, the diocese is organizing a South India mission trip for college, university students (ages 18 and above),  and working young adults from June 24th to July 4th, 2024. Participants will be responsible for their air travel. Find more information here.
    Join the Sunday School Easter Outreach at the facility of Kids Against Hunger ( 1258 Quarry Lane #H, Pleasanton. CA) to pack food items.Date: Saturday, April 6th, 10-11:30amCost: $25/person (includes lunch). Sunday School kids, age 10 years and above sign up along with a parent/guardian. Visit the Kids Against Hunger website for more information.

    MTVEA Souvenir – contact Mrs. Mary George

    April Wedding Anniversaries

    04/09Soby, Anju & Soby Oommen
    04/09Varghese, Ancy & Jijo John
    04/15Shiju, Nisha & Shiju Thomas
    04/16Mathew, Rinu & Santosh
    04/16Mathews, Kenny & Susan
    04/18Viji, Christine & Viji Thomas
    04/21Philip, sally & Babu
    04/22Kurien, Kristal & Albi Mathew
    04/23Philip, Renu & Mohan Konapozhil
    04/25Samuel, Anu & Achen Kunju
    04/26Tharakan, Juli & Santhosh
    04/27Varghese, Jacob & Shelbi Jacob
    04/28Kurien, Sally & Kochumon Idiculla

    April Birthdays



    Bible portion: Mt. 4:12-17, Mk. 1:14-15, Lk.4:14-15, Jn. 3-4 NIV

    Contact: Maya Mathews secretary @ marhomasf.org  MTC SF Parish Secretary MTCSF

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