Newsletter – September 2019

From the Vicar

Dearly beloved in Christ,
In the scriptures, prophets, priests, and kings have had a major role in the history of the Israelites in their spiritual and worldly journey. They were a part and parcel of their history, and helped shape God’s people to whom they are today. When we hear the word prophet, we think of a person who tells the future. But in
the Old Testament, we can see that they: told the people of God about their past, told them about that is presently going on, and about the future that lays ahead of them if they do not turn their lives to the living God. Prophets were chosen by God, had authority as God’s “mouthpieces,” where they would advise and rebuke people when they were going the wrong way, and leading a sinful life. They disturbed people from their comfort zone, and led them to a life of experiencing God, which involved going above and beyond.